Our Mission

    The Paola Tree Board
    promotes and protects the
    urban forest of Paola by  
    educating the public about
    the proper selection, planting
    and maintenance of trees,
    working in partnership with
    the City Government for the
    health and development of
    trees in the public parks and
    public rights-of-way,
A healthy urban forest does not happen by chance;
it is the result of careful planning and management.
Help us protect our urban canopy by joining the Paola Tree Board.
Wallace Park
Paola’s city park was established
in 1910 and expanded to 42
acres in 1912.  The grounds
include a variety of recreational  
facilities, the annual Miami
County Fair and the arboretum.
Over 20 species of native trees
are featured, as well as the
Celebration Trees, which are
planted by the Paola Tree Board
to memorialize events and loved
Celebrate a Life Well-

Your loved one can be honored with the
planting of a tree in the Paola

The Paola Tree Board will help you
select a beautiful tree appropriate to
our area.  

Your special tree will be marked with a
plaque  that designates the botanical
name, the date and the significance.

Trees are planted in the spring and fall
in the Paola Arboretum, which is  
located in Wallace Park.

The cost is $250.00.  
This includes:
  • Tree selection
  • Planting & mulching
  • Marble plaque
  • Ongoing care and maintenance
  • Promotion (if desired)
A recent Tree planting in
Wallace Park
Choosing a Tree

Your tree is a living memorial that
should live for generations if
chosen and planted

The first step is selecting a tree
that can accommodate to the clay
soil and cruel winds of Kansas.

The Tree Board follows the
guidelines established by the
Kansas State Forest Service and
consults with the Miami County
Extension Master Gardeners.

Utilizing this expertise, the Tree
Board will match your wishes to a
tree with the best attributes.

For instance,  if you wish a Maple
tree, we would recommend an
Amur Maple ‘Flame’  for its beauty
as well as its resistance to pests
and tolerance of sun, drought and
Protect and preserve our URBAN CANOPY, the trees
along our streets, in our parks and around our public

    Why should we care about trees?
  • Trees are more than merely beautiful, they perform many
    useful functions such as:
  • Absorbing thousands of gallons of water run off each year
  • Metabolizing carbon dioxide to control pollution
  • Producing oxygen, the air we breathe
  • Providing shade and cooling the environment
  • Enhancing property values
  • Contributing to better streets and better communities
Tree Care Tip

Did you know that mulching,
when done properly, can be
tree's best friend?

Mulch helps control weeds,
retain soil moisture, prevent
compaction and keep lawn
mowers and weed cutters
from damaging the trunk.

A depth of 3-4 inches is
best. But do not form a
“volcano” at the base.

Pull the mulch back from the
trunk  to prevent rotting.
    Paola Tree Board Accomplishments
  • City tree inventory: over 4,500  public trees worth $13million
  • Established the City Arboretum at  Wallace Park
  • Established the Celebration Tree
  • Ongoing tree planting and pruning workshops for the public
  • Developed the recommended tree list for Paola, available at City Hall
  • Annual Community Arbor Day Celebration
  • Recognized as a Tree City USA
  • Winner of the annual Growth Award from the National Arbor Day Committee
    Paola Tree Board

    Rooted in Kansas
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